It's Grand to meet you

Authentic. Sophisticated. Unique. We present our iconic blend of fine cognac and bitter orange liqueur, created by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. Give your life a French touch.

Our alchemy

Grand Marnier orange flavored liqueur is the result of a unique alchemy created by combining the noble taste of cognac with the exoticism of the bitter oranges. It’s a unique blend of fine french cognac with bigaradia citrus fruits whose recipe has not changed since its creation.

Grand Marnier collection

An extraordinary range of Grand Marnier products, each uniquely blended with exceptional and distinctive aromatic richness.

Grand heritage

Passion. Audacity. Tradition. Our history is made with a twist. It has captivated the world for over six generations. Discover Grand Marnier history and origins.

The very refined taste of GRAND MARNIER liqueur attracts online casino players to sit and drink with pleasure while betting. A very good taste that online casino players like is an orange with a unique alchemy and a taste of cognac with exotic bitter oranges. Liquor is a very relaxing drink for online casino players, with notes of French cognac with citrus, and an irreplaceable recipe.

Grand Marnier cocktails

Grand Marnier takes cocktails to a more sophisticated level, straying from conventional luxury with a creative, unique and refined twist.

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